About me

I was born in 1968 in Bad Ischl (province of Upper Austria in Austria) and grew up in Ebensee (Upper Austria as well). In 1988 I moved to Vienna to study „Technical Physics“ at the Technical University in Vienna, I could finish my studies successfully in 1994. I made my thesis in the area of thin layers, I had analyzed the growth of thin metal layers generated with sputtering (a physical method for generating thin layers).

In 1994 I started my professional carreer at Siemens AG Austria, where I worked as a technical sales consultant, software developer and later on as manager in the area of „Intelligent Networks“ (Prepaid- and Virtual Private Networks(VPN)-Solutions in mobile networks). We could sell and operate those mobile services world wide.

Since 2008 I am employee at the  „Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH“ (Federal Computing Centre). I started as lead of a software development team with the focus on developing cross sectional software services according to the SOA-principle for the IT of the „Bundesministerium für Justiz“ (Federal Ministry of Justice). This job was followed by a new role as lead of the team for Product Management Justice for the mentioned Ministry. In this context we are also participating in projects funded by the Eurpoean Commission, the currently largest of them is the e-CODEX project. The goal of e-CODEX is making crossborder justice procedures like the European Payment Order fully electronic.
Since September 2021 I work as Account Manager (Account Executive) for Justice and Other Supreme Authorites in Austria.

My leisure time acitivities comprise doing some sports, especially making some rides with my race bike, playing tennis and spending as much time as possible with my family. Beyond that I am interested in all and everything what is related to computers, Formula 1 and football. From time to time I like to do do-it-yourself work at home and if there is some time left I also like to take some photos with my cameras. One of my newest fields of interests is flying with small single engine aeroplanes.

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